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Her Stories : Sahna

Here is some of Painting Your Stories project. I wish that we can learn and hear what is their stories through my art work. You can check it out at my IG Painting Your Stories as well.


The story behind "Sahna" is about a strong beautiful woman. She is comfortable in her own body, knows her worth and lives with her boundaries. She isn't afraid to say No when the world is full of people pleaser. Sahna lives for her purpose, dream and goals. Her vibes are a magnet which is hard to avoid. She chooses kindness over hatred, she chooses to believe in the highest Energy in the Universe. She loves her weaknesses, mistakes and her past. She lives in the present, enjoys every single moment without leaving her inner child alone, she embraces both of her sadness and happiness. She is not worrying about the future, she just does it as the best as she can right now.

Sahna is a wonderful figure, the whole is inherent in humans from mental, soul, mind, taste, behaviour, language, appearance, symbols, and other social activities. And Sahna is You. You have to believe that you have this power.

Hi, Sahna.

You're seen. You're heard. You're worthy. You're beautiful. You're strong. You're wonderful woman. Thank you for share your stories with me.


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