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What great things happen as Empower U Students?

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Learning and education aren't something that I need for few days, but this is my daily lifestyle. I can't live any longer without learning.

I told myself that learning and education aren't something I need, but this is a lifestyle to me. Encouraging myself to learn something new while living like a roller coaster in HK. In September 2021, I learned about Empower U from facebook ads. It didn't take a minute for me to decide that I wanted to join here.

On frame : Ms. Lindsay Ersnt, Mr. David Bishop, Me, Mr. Oliver Wijayapala and Mr. Bradley Aaron

But what Empower U can offer to me?

Empower U provides high-quality education to those on the margins, so they can use their voice to create a better future. By combining technology, community, and award-winning educators, we have created a unique impact-based program that empowers marginalised youth and migrant workers and creates a generation of leaders who will ignite sustainable social impact based in The University of Hong Kong. Learn more about Empower U here.

Learning is a lifelong journey and process.

Discussion during Law Class

Don't stop learning, learning and learning. Learn to listen, to share, to uplift, to encourage, to help, to improve, to empower or to support. Be hungry about new skills and knowledge. Meet new people! You can come alone and make a new friend anywhere. Don't have to be shy, be confident, speak up about your true self.

Halloween party with EU and fellows students. EU's are encouraged to create halloween costumes from recycled material to raise awareness about climate change.

During these three semesters I've learned a lot. Empower U offers us (EU's Students) so many things to learn such as Law, Health, Business and Finance, Technology, Leadership, Community Building, Teamwork, Photography Workshop, Storytelling Workshop, Students activity, Mindfulness and more, which are taught by professional lecturers of Hong Kong University or Guest Lecturers.

Mindfulness class with Body Banter

Workshop with PFS (Plastic Free Seas)

Storytelling class with Hong Kong Shifts

Open disscusion and sharing during Storytelling Class

Mr. Maxime Vanhollebeke (HK Shifts) listening the students during the class.

One of the best workshops I've been to is the Storytelling Class with Hong Kong Shifts and photography class with Mr. Bradley Aaron and Ms. Leeh Ann. Learning Visual Storytelling with Hong Kong Shifts is truly amazing. l learn a new skill on how to be a better storyteller.

I realise how storytelling can be the bridge between people's stories and the world. It not only ignites empathy, promotes kindness and gratitude as well. But what I have learnt is every story deserves to be heard no matter what their jobs, nationality, race, age, religion, and so on.

First raw : Ms. Chyntia Cheng (HK Shifts), Mr. Bradley Aaron and Leeh Ann

Storytelling class really relates to my baby project called "Painting your stories". I use my artwork to tell the world about people's stories through drawing or painting. I hope that we are not just hearing and listening to the stories through the ears, but using our whole soul as well.

My work and Ketut Astiti was selected for Hong Kong Included Exhibition by Hong Kong Shifts in Soho House.

I didn't expect that at the end of the workshop seeing my work and my best ever partner Ketut Astiti to be included in the Hong Kong Included Exhibition, I will write about this in another post. We are just enjoying the process of learning. It isn't only learning to listen to people's stories but how we can make a change and "see" people who are mostly behind the curtain of HK life.

I never regretted my decision when I decided to enrol in EmpowerU 1,5 years ago.

I'm in my last semester for this term. It is just so fast passed by. I'm closer to becoming the next alumni, I am not ready yet.

Empower U graduation day on 08 January 2023

I'm so proud to witness my seniors' Graduation Day (08/01). I may leave the class as a student soon after this coming semester, but I would love to come back, stay and give back and learn something new as well after my future graduation.

Thank you so much to Empower U and amazing people behind this. I really appreciate what EU offering to me and fellow students.

HK, 08.03.2023

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10 mar 2023
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Me gusta

09 mar 2023

You're an empowered woman Ida👏👏👏👏 Live life to the fullest by learning and engraving your crafts. So proud of you!

Me gusta

09 mar 2023
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So proud of you Ida! What an inspiration <3

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08 mar 2023
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Excellent, keep learning💪😍🤗🤗

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Such an amazing journey. Good luck always and enjoy 🤗🤗🤗

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