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The Masterpiece

Everythings has happened or is happening will make us become a wonderful being. Every single piece in our life is a part of God's Masterpiece. There is none of the pain and struggle to be sent to make us weaker, that's sent to make us stronger and wiser. Without all of these, we won't have the strength and character we have today. Without a painful ending we may not lead to a great beginning. Walk forward. We may take some rest but never stop. So we can find ourselves as the masterpiece in our life. Let's say thank you and forgive our past, live in the present!

Never blame anyone in life,

A good person gives us happiness,

The worst one gives us lessons,

The best person gives us memories.

We can't choose who comes and goes in our life but we can choose how to stand and face them. Blessing is always ours.


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