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Sumeleh is Javanese word which is literally translated as surender. But Sumeleh has a deeper meaning than just acceptance, it is not giving up. This is love of God and acceptance when all things that can be done have been done. Sumeleh means that we know ourselves worth by accepting all about ourselves, the whole experience without any ruefulness about our bad memories. Sumeleh means that we love ourselves for all our mistakes, weaknesses and bad days ever.

We're awakened by spiritual awareness and surrender to the Universe by forgiving our past, people around us specially ourselves, and always grateful for everything we have. Believing that God always has a better future plan for us. That's what Sumeleh stands for.

This painting is called Sumeleh. This is based on my journey finding my peace and self worth. Everybody has experience in our life, so do I. I started with my inner child healing. I Remember my childhood full of happiness and love from my parents but deep down in my heart I feel that I'm not loved by my GrandMa. I often hide alone in the room, corner and garden asking myself what my granddaughter is whenever my GrandMa treats me differently from my cousins.

As an adult I grow with a lot of judgement experiences toward myself. I used to blame myself if everything went wrong and mostly I live to please everybody. I used to believe that making everyone happy would make me happier. I hide my fear, my sadness, let my weakness control me and I have no courage to speak up about what I want. I wanted to be perfect in everything I have done, in school specially. I used to be the number 1 student, winner of competitions, I made sure that I always dressed up perfectly and everything had to be perfect in my eyes because I believed that people would accept me. Yeah I used to live as a perfectionist!

When I started to learn about self worth journey I changed the way to see myself. I accept my imperfection, past, journey, sadness, emotion, and all about myself. Bad or good memories. I'm focusing on healing energy. I use my gift from the Universe to awaken people's awareness about our worth through my art work, writing, photography and art performance as well. Sending this message :

"No matter what kind experience we might have been through. We are enough. We don't have to be perfect. We just need to start loving ourselves and knowing our worth. We are never less valuable because of what we have done. Yet, we are still human with our weakness that makes us whole."

If you see, my artwork mostly is about self worth journey from people around me. Sharing what I've been through, up and down. I am not a professional artist but I will keep doing what I love to do. I don't listen to the voices outside my head anymore. I choose what kind of energy and vibes around me. I select what I will allow to enter my body and soul. I grow to be honest about my feelings and never hide anymore, I speak what I mean to.

Yeah, people will still judge me in any circumstance. But It will never bother me anymore. I believe that everything is about energy. I aim for a brighter future within me. My inner peace and self awareness about my value is more important than any noise. I am working on this harder than anything right now.

If you have a similar experience with me please kindly tell yourself that "It is OK." Let's accept ourselves as the whole package because what we have been through makes us stand out today. We won't be able to grow like who we are now without those experiences. We can't change a single day of our past but we always have a chance to change our response about it.

Our value never depends on people's opinion. We don't need to seek attention and validation from others. Because WE ARE ENOUGH, WE ARE WHOLE.

Send you a hug and love.

Idawati Misno

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