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Knowing our mind with Okay Mind changes my view of being "Positive Person"

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Mental health workshop]]] Empower U and Okay Mind

Mental health is always a part of the Empower U class which I really enjoy the most. Today we have special workshop guide by Dr. Nimisha Vandan from Okay Minds.

"What's mind?" Dr. Vandan asked.

We may think that the mind is the same as the brain, but the fact isn't. Because the mind is metaphysical, no shape and size, weightless, can't be touched and just like a software.

Knowing your mind states

I'm wondering, where is our mind exactly? How about you? Have you ever been curious about it? Our mind has three stages, rational, wise or emotional. I personally like rational thinking more than others, I'm not wise or sometimes even not emotional at all. That makes me look so heartless in some situations.

We're trying to be wise as much as we can, but being rational or emotional is not totally wrong. We need it sometimes!

The Thought Cycle

Our experience in life and all situations we face will influence the stage of our thought. Our thoughts will influence our emotions, emotions will influence our behaviour and the outcome is dependent on all of this.

I didn't realise this deeply until today's class. I always think that I can control my mind (my thoughts) no matter what kind of situation I have. Sometimes it is controlled, but mostly I don't. I still have a lot of triggers though. And even facing "thinking traps" like Dr. Vanda mentioned in class.

What are the most traps I have? I'm a positive person all the times!

I thought that being a positive person is the key to make everything as positive as I am. But the funny fact is this kind of thinking often makes me judge people as negative. How silly is that? It's okay to not always have a positive mind, we have to know our mind so we can reframing.

Cognitive Reframing

Examine and challenge your thought pattern to gain a different perspective on situations, ideas or relationships.

Dr. Nimisha Vandan is explaining about Cognitive Reframing

This is mind blowing! How come changing our thoughts could change the whole situation or even the whole of our life. How can we change ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) to PETS ( Positive Empowering Thoughts).

Do we ever have ANTS when we meet someone for the first time without knowing anything? For example : We meet a guy in a coffee shop and judge him for being womaniser without knowing his name just because he was watching you.

How many ANTs do we have?

It's okay to think about this as long as we realise that what we're thinking is not always 100% correct. ANTS makes us become judgemental, which is not healthy for our own mental health. Let's try not to be like this "ANTS".

What's going to happen if we think positively? He may become someone closer or business partner. We never know. But our negative thoughts will block that kind of possibility.

Sign of Life

Breath. Without breathing we are not alive anymore.

Breathing like a YOGI

So, to control our mind we learn how to breathe in the class. Just like meditation, we were focusing on inhaling and exhaling. Slowly and deeply. We even practise Pranayama Breathing, I learned from my yoga class as well about it. This kind of breathing is really helpful. We don't have to do it so long, at least 5 minutes a day. Just focus on breathing, I mean really breath. And see how you will change.

What's gratitude?

Talking about all the matters above won't be complete without mentioning gratitude. Grateful heart is the best medicine. Grateful about our basic needs, belongingness and love, accomplishments, for little things and actualized self gratitude.

How to practice gratitude

I always have my hand writing a journal about my gratitude journey. I start it with the small one and the biggest one.

The benefits of gratitude

Today I'm so grateful to wake up at 05.00 am, be able to take morning showers, drink a cup of warm water, meditate, and join Dr. Vanda's Class. I am also grateful to have lunch with EmpowerU staff and committee cheerleaders, have coffee with my friends, meet strangers and share our storytelling, enjoying nice music and a glass of champagne. It's so beautiful seeing my day with a lot of joy. In the end, I am always grateful to have the chance to write this post and have you all as my biggest supporter. Thank you.

In frame with Dr. Nimisha Vandan from Okay Minds


Sun, 19.03.2023

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