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Her Stories : Unbreakable!



She was born as an unwanted daughter in her family. She is treated differently with her siblings. While nobody saw her, she hid alone and asked herself so many questions "Why me?" Her childhood memories ate her soul until she grew up.

Once upon time, she was close enough to the death door, but yet,  life didn't let her go easily. She fights with her breast tumor and some surgery alone. She faces the life of marriage with her own strength. Life has never been easy on her plate. She has too much salt on her dishes.

Nowadays, this young girl has changed. She isn't the same girl from yesterday. She is an unbreakable lady. She allows herself to forgive her family, her past and herself. She hugs herself tightly and says, "That is okay, you're more than what you feel." She grows up as a beautiful soul by embracing all that she has been through. Her life is full of gratitude everyday, she accepts that all are part of her life to make her stronger today. She loves her tumor which can't be removed as a part of her journey.

By telling me about her stories she wants to shout to the world, to her inner child, to other human beings who have similar stories and to the future herself, "Never give up whatever your circumstances are right now. We need to fight back vigorously! Because after this storm there's always a rainbow waiting for us."

Thank you for sharing your stories, dear amazing lady. Thank you for trusting me to deliver your journey into this piece of artwork.

(HK, 01.09.2022)

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