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Her Stories : Strong Mama

Strong Mama

Strong Mama

What a wonderful mama she is! Life of marriage that she dreamed of turned upside down when her husband cheated on their vow. He has another girlfriend who suddenly entered their home. She decided to let it go but she couldn't move on. Depression made her life miserable enough. She carried her box anywhere she went. She needed to put it down and embraced her loss but she couldn't. She was lost in the thought.

"Mama, I love you." That little voice of her kids gives another life. Another strength to fight against her past. She let it flow, what will be will be. Her love for her kids makes her breath, gives her a new hope. Her kids are a new home, a new world, they mean a lot to her. Even if the world destroys her body, she will do anything to make her babies live happily. Nobody can do it, but Mama does.

She works abroad leaving her children, it is never easy staying away. She tries her best to give them a happy life. She will do anything, even if everybody says it is impossible. She believes in God's good plans, because He never breaks His promise to anyone who never gives their life up.

Thank you so much for being such an unbreakable woman, Strong Mama. You deserve better than what you have been through. Your dream of life is nearby, it soon will be yours. 🥰🥰🥰

(HK, 09.09.2022)

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