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Her Stories : Post-Mortem



The world says, "Father is his daughter's first love." But this is not for her, Father is where her nightmare started.

When she was 19 y.o her father sold her to prostitute because his gambling habit made him having a super big loans. While other girls still studied to achieve their dream but hers was already destroyed. She decided to marry in her 20s, she hoped that she could find herself a family and become her home. Life gave her another challenge. Her abusive husband almost killed her. So, she ran as far as she could. Then she gave him divorced paper.

She didn't go home to her parents, she works far away and never goes home even once. Her inner child is still there. She was still hurted and broken.

Recently she found out that she has HIV. She depressed and sad, she even try to have suicide twice. But this wonder woman is still breathing. Life gives her chances to live. Her boyfriend is a super supportive partner. He helps her to heal and deal with her miserable journey.

Life may not be so friendly to her. But hope is always there. Little fairy in her soul won't let her alone. She still has a new beautiful life in the future. She is more than enough to deserve happiness.

Nowadays, she starts a new life, living with HIV together with her partner. This amazing couple is dedicated their life to support anyone with HIV, giving educatipn to young generation about sexual health and fighting people's stigma about this.

Thank you so much, Beautiful Soul. Thank you for letting me here as your ears. I love you. I'm hurt, I am crying. But I know that you are more than strong enough to deal with it. Send you my biggest hugs. 🥰

(HK, 02.09.2022)

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