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Her Stories : Emak Sri

Emak Sri

Emak Sri!

Emak Sri or Mak Sri is a single mother of her one and only son. She left her homeland to work abroad. Fighting alone with inner ego between staying by his side or leaving him for his future. It's not easy for a young mother like her. None of the mothers in this world would let her own blood struggle. She  will take all the burden and pleasure with her own, using her back to protect her son. She gives all her life for her son's future.

Mak Sri is a strong mother in any circumstance. No matter what life gives to her  she will eat it, accept it and fight for her only son. She gives her son a couple of wings, so he can fly as high as he can. She hopes her son will have a better education, future and better life as well than her.

What is the most challenging for her? "Educating my son to be a better human being," she says.

Her secret about long distance parenting is communication. Calling her son often, don't give him too much pressure, giving him freedom and trusting him as well. If she is wrong, she asks for forgiveness.  Knowing her son character is a part of knowing him better, talking from heart to heart each other about all matters including sex eduation. Her son is an apple in her eyes.

She trusts me to tell her story to other single mothers outside there. Be like a good friend to your children, don't use them  as a tool of revenge against an ex-spouse. You shouldn't feed their mind with anger and hatred toward anything that happens.

Thanks, Mak Sri! Thank you for sharing this story and let me transform it into this artwork.

(HK, 01.09.2022)


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