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Her Stories : D'Luna



The story begins with a lil girl who is the youngest daughter in her family. She is a kind and warm soul, but when her family treated her differently she had a question, "Am I adopted?" She doubted herself. She wanted to be angry but she couldn't. She cried in her tiny space called inner child.

This lil girl grew up as a hard working lady. Leaving her homeland to another country while holding her hope and dream in her hands. She had done so much but nobody appreciated her self-sacrifice. She heard a lot, she saw too much. She wanted to give up, she was disappointed. This world eats her mind.

One day, she talked to me about it. I know she has a big warm heart. She starts to accept her journey and live in peace with her younger version. Her life puzzle slowly but surely connects to each other again. She arranges one by one and believes herself to stand up on the right track once more. Her kindness gives her strength to fight with the hatred she keeps deep inside. She releases herself to come out from the box and fly as high as she can.

Thank you for telling me your stories, Strong Woman. There is no future you should worry about. What will be, will be! And you can't make everybody happy. Great future is on the way to you.

(HK, 02.09.2022)

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