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Her Stories : Bouquet Of Life part 1 : The Broken Soul

Today's story is my first series. I will divide it into 9 parts of artwork. So make sure to read all the parts to get the whole story.

This story is about "Her Journey" to find her crown. Same like you, she was a young girl with so much dream and energy.

Part 1 :

The broken soul

She was so young and naive to think that she would live happily with her future dream of life, the future school of her dream University back then in 2006. But she has to give up with no choice left. Her parents got bankrupt, they lost everythings. Then her miserable life started. Who will think that as the best students who received so many awards and scholarships living in hell now. Her soul is broken! She has to stop her studies and decide to help her family. She went abroad and worked as migrant workers.

She was leaving her homeland with her dreams, wishing that she could make it one day. Once again, life sometimes was not not fair. Her employers are abusive physically and verbally. She wanted to run and left HK as soon as possible. But her memories about the family, their smile and hope gave strength to stay. "You come to HK to work, I pay you to work. You do what I am asking you to do. You are only a helper here. I'll send you back home if you don't follow me," her employer said.

What her employer said about sending her home was making her so scared. She came to HK not only to earn money to help her family. But it is about her big dream list. She wanted to buy back her parents house. She wanted to help her parents stand up again with their business. She wanted to help her younger siblings so they could study well. She wanted to go back to study again someday and make her own dream to be a great teacher come true. Going to HK isn't only about money, yet she needs it but it isn't her purpose. Her purpose is always to make a better life for her and her family. But, did her employer care about it? NO!

She was broken, she was sad. She needed help but she couldn't ask. She was scared but she was hiding and nobody saw her tears eyes because she had to be strong. She was alone and lonely, nobody cared. She shouted inside so loud and angry to her life. "Is God really so mean to me?" She asked herself. But her Mom always told her that God is Good. She kept believing the best hadn't come yet.

HK, 10.03.2023

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