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Her Stories : Bibir Vagina

Bibir Vagina

Bibir Vagina

This painting is based on the story of an amazing girl. Nobody heard her voice while she shouted asking for help. She is the rape victim and sexual harrasment. She has no power to fight alone with her traumatic mentally and physically. She was broken, she was hiding all the time and afraid to walk under the sky. That's her past!

Today, she is unbreakable and even stronger. Her dark memories give her the power to use her gender to speak about women's rights. Do not be afraid to fight for justice. She lets her soul be alive once more and blooming within. She shows to the world that she is not destroyed by her experiences, but yet it makes her become who she really is. She empowers the other girl to stand up again, to not hide and just cry. What happened has passed, but life needs to continue. Now she understands that her value and her worth isn't only her body, it is not just about her vagina. But the whole of her soul. Even if everybody burns her body nothing will change her value.

I painted her stories into this piece and delivered her experiences to all the girls in the world. No matter what you have been through you are so worthy to be happy and loved. You deserve to wear your own crown. You have that power to not just move on, but help others to be amazing as well as you are.

(HK, 31.08.2022)

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