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Forest Bathing

What a great day to spend with @momentsinwoods and Martha also amazing ladies here. Back to nature, enjoy the moment, connect to within us and know our own space. Sun is a great leader. He reminds us how to calm, just breathing and let ourselves connect to anything around us. The texture, feeling, smell, sounds and our own breath. Seeing the different colours of nature and creating art with Martha.

The most memorable is when we walked in silence down the stairs. This sesion teaches me to slow down, focus on our movement, take the step one by one while staying aware of what is around us. I hear birds singing, see the leaves falling, meet the ants walking on the tree and the wind breezes. Nature really welcomes us like home.

A new experience with Martha through body mapping is so great for retreat, connecting within me. Just me. Take a break from my daily routine which looks like a rolling coaster. Indeed we need a break and recharge our souls. Thank you for having me today. (05.03.2023)

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